Guidance Office

The guidance services are an important aspect of the Saint James Middle School.

Academic counseling, national testing programs, and individual student scheduling are top priorities at Saint James Middle School.

Individual and group counseling services are also available to the students. 
Some of the group counseling programs include: 
SPLITS - This is a group for children from divorced homes. 
LUNCH BUNCH - This is a group that includes all of our new 7th and 8th graders and buddies. 
LUNCH AND LEARN - This is a "Parent Lunch Group" where we talk about issues on raising adolescents. 

The middle school counselor is also responsible for other programs which are available to students through the counseling office:

Month of the Young Adolescent

During the month of October we organize several activities that focus on the adolescent.

Career Awareness

All 7th graders will take a Career Interest Inventory, entitled "Kuder." This inventory is taken online and has wonderful links to very informative sights related to careers and colleges. The website is

All 8th graders will participate in a Career Week, which will be November 7-9. During this time they will shadow 4 professionals of their choice and participate in a business simulation workshop.

TIP - All 7th graders will have the opportunity to participate in the Talent Identification Program sponsored by Duke University. If they choose to participate, they will take either the ACT or SAT between December and February. The 7th grade teachers will actually help prepare them for test taking skills by working through the ACT Preparation Booklet in November.

Students, parents, and teachers are encouraged to seek assistance from their counselor whenever they see the need.