Cross Country

The Trojan Cross Country Team competes each fall with a group of athletes ranging from 7th grade to seniors. Our team has traveled to meets across the southeast to compete against the very best. Recent graduates of the Saint James program are running at Auburn University, BYU, and Birmingham Southern. 

What does it take to be a Cross Country Runner?
XC is more of a battle than a sport. Your battle is with the clock, the elements, and your own body.

  • An XC athlete understands their WHY. Why am I going to push myself harder than the day before? 
  • XC athletes are mentally strong. We never hope for it more than we are willing to work for it.

It’s one of the few events where the athletes greatly outnumber the spectators. Your fans are your teammates, your competitors, and your coaches - as only they know what level of commitment, grit and tenacity that it takes to do what you do.

If you are ready, we are ready for you to join us! Our team is coached by Greg Miles and Jeremy Turner. Our team captains are Jake Maddox and Sailor Miles.

We also mix in a good time with our work! This past summer, we traveled to North Carolina for the Brevard Distance Running Camp.

Grit, tenacity, and commitment make a winning combination in Cross Country competition.

Celebrating each other's success is what makes the Saint James Cross Country Team a family.