CLICK HERE for the 2016 Volleyball Schedule (Varsity, JV, & Middle School)

The Saint James Volleyball Program has been very successful and is recognized all over the state. The varsity team is a regular participant in the Elite Eight State Volleyball Tournament, winning the 4A State Championship in 2001 and 2003 and being Runner-Up in 1996 and 2004. They have also been Capital City Conference Champions, Area Champions, and Regional Champions. The Junior Varsity and Middle School Teams have also won the Capital City Conference Tournaments in 2013 (JV and MS), 1992 (JV), 2000 (JV), 2003 (MS), and 2004 (JV). 

The Volleyball Program will continue to grow and get stronger throughout the coming years as long as there are young girls who are willing to put in the time and effort it takes to become an outstanding student-athlete. The Saint James Volleyball Teams follow the Rules of the AHSAA. Volleyball in Alabama is played in the fall usually starting the first of August. All players must be eligible through both the AHSAA and Saint James School. The try-outs for volleyball will be in the spring for all players. The players are required to be at all practices and games. There are workouts for all athletes during the summer time. All volleyball players are required to attend a volleyball camp over the summer.

Congratulations to the 2016 Saint James Volleyball Teams!

Carson Ann Crow
Emily Poundstone
Kendall Wybenga
Baylor Belich
Adia Foster
Lindsey Sampson
Rylee Naftel
Samantha White
Sydney Stone
Caroline Christie
Bayley Beasley
Annie Skoneki
Hannah Dailey

Gracie Sullivan
Trinity Hunter
Ellie Streeton
Mary Julian Setzer
LizAnn Livings
Kathleen Wright
Ellie Kate Wilkerson
Gabriella Hernandez
Allyn Browning
Emily Olsey
Lucy Edwards
Ashley White
Emilee Arrington

Barrett Hammond
Sydney Sullivan
Virginia Braswell
Hannah Grace Griggs
Gracie Branham
Merrily Capouya
Shelby Rosenberg
Lily Foley
Izabella Hernandez
Alivia Hancock
Cameron Greene
Kira Butterbaugh

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