STJ Technology FAQ

How can I print at home?

For the MacBook Airs, students may install the driver for the make and model of their home printer from the Self-Service app. They may then follow the emailed instructions to set up the printer.  If there are any questions, please email or come by the Help Desk,
For the iPads, any Airprint enabled printer will work.

How do I backup my documents?

For the MacBook Airs, there are several ways to "back-up" your documents. With your school Google Drive, Dropbox or USB drive. 

Do I need to backup my apps/software?

No, all the apps and software on Saint James' devices are owned by the school. Students only need to backup their data.

Should I purchase insurance?

This is a personal decision. You know yourself or student best. The MacBook Airs are covered by Applecare but only for items determined to be manufacturer defects or issues. Any damage - spilling liquid or dropping the device, is the responsibility of the student.  Please see the Required Use Policy for more information regarding damage to Saint James devices.

The iPads are covered by Applecare + and allow for 2 accidental damages with a $50 deductible. After those 2 damages, the student is responsible for the full cost of replacement.

What happens if I damage my device?

Please report any damage as soon as possible to the school. This will reduce the amount of time a student is without a device for learning purposes. Having a backup plan reduces the risk of data loss due to damage.  Any damage not covered by AppleCare is the responsiblity of the student.

What happens if my device is stolen?

In the unfortunate event that your device is stolen, contact the police and the school immediately. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the student to look out for and protect their device as well as the cost for a replacement device.

The internet is filtered at Saint James, how can I monitor my student at home?

There are several best practices for monitoring your students at home:

  • Require that students use electronic devices in main living areas and never in areas such as the bedroom where they cannot be monitored.
  • Have a charging stations at night, located outside of the bedrooms, where family members must turn off electronic devices.
  • Insist on knowing your childs passwords to their email or social website accounts.
  • There are free filtering services available on the web if you feel additional control is needed. One such site is: and has free as well as paid options.

Helpful Tips

  • Always carry your device in the school approved secure case.
  • Always charge your device nightly.
  • Backup your documents to Google Drive, Dropbox, or USB drive on a regular basis.
  • If you are finished using an application (such as Pages, iTunes, etc...), be sure to close out the app. This will help conserve battery life.
  • Be sure to contact the help desk right away if you come across a technical glitch (i.e. Charger won't charge the device, device won't power on, application won't open)
  • Be sure to keep your device screens clean. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe away fingerprints or dust that may accumulate on the glass screen.