Saint James
Saint James School
Montgomery, Alabama

General Diploma Requirements

All courses are year-long. Students will not be allowed to drop a course mid-year. Semester credits of differing classes cannot be combined to equal one full credit in any core or elective area.

The student must pass 25 Carnegie units including the following:

Class Credits
English 4
*Mathematics 4
Social Studies 4
Science 4
**Foreign Language 2
Fine Arts 1
***Physical Education 1
21st Century Technology 1
Electives 4

* A minimum of Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, and Algebra 3 & Trigonometry.
** At least 2 years of the same language is required.
*** The approved substitutes for the Physical Education and Fine Arts credits required for graduation are as follows: Enrollment and participation in the fall marching band component of the Instrumental Music course for two semesters. Students may substitute 1/2 credit for each semester of marching band toward meeting the Physical Education Requirement. Students must participate in fall marching band two years in order to earn the full Physical Education credit required. Students taking only one year of marching band must take a full year of physical education to be granted physical education credit. Two spring concert band semesters count toward meeting the fine arts requirement. Students taking only one year of concert band must take a full year of a fine arts class to be granted a fine arts credit. Students may also take one year of cheerleading, athletic weight training, or dance team to satisfy the Physical Education requirement.