Saint James
Saint James School
Montgomery, Alabama

Honors Diploma Requirements

There are three levels of Honors Diplomas at Saint James School.

Cum Laude 3.8
Magna Cum Laude 3.9
Summa Cum Laude 4.0

In addition to meeting all of the requirements for a General Diploma, recipients of Honors Diplomas must also meet the following requirements: 


  • The student must earn a minimum of 27 Carnegie units of high school credit.
  • The student must have a weighted grade point average of 3.80 or better. Honors courses are given 0.5 additional quality point in the calculation of grade point averages. College Board Advanced Placement (AP) courses are given one additional quality point in the calculation of grade point averages.
  • The student must receive high school credit for three different levels of the same world language.
  • The student must receive high school credit for a minimum of four of the following science courses:
    Physical Science, Honors Biology or Biology (one of these courses is required), Chemistry, Physics, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics, and Anatomy and Physiology
  • The student must complete a minimum of 6 semesters of Advanced Placement courses in high school. In order to receive AP credit toward an Honors Diploma, a student must successfully complete both semesters of any course designated as a year-long course by the College Board. The only semester AP classes offered by Saint James are US Government & Politics and Macroeconomics. These Advanced Placement courses must be selected from a minimum of two different subject areas in order to satisfy Honors Diploma requirements. (For Example: Art and Math, Math and Science, Science and English, History and English)
  • Transfer students are eligible for an Honors Diploma only if they complete four semesters (two academic years) at Saint James and satisfy all other Honors Diploma Requirements.
  • The student must complete 8 hours of documented community service during each year he or she attends Saint James in grades 9-12. In order to count towards the Honors Diploma requirement, all hours must be accumulated through programs sponsored or approved by the principal or his designee and must be properly documented by the student.