Saint James
Saint James School
Montgomery, Alabama

Course of Study

The middle school program for sixth through eighth grades serves as a transition between elementary school and high school in both environment and course material. Students are introduced to flexible scheduling, advisory groups, teaming, exploratory courses, and electives. The middle school provides the structure that supports these changes.

Although emphasis is given to the core academic instruction, an integrated curriculum is the focus for middle school instruction. The middle school program is designed to promote the intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and cultural well being of each of our students. We strive to develop maturity, self-confidence, skills and knowledge. We recognize the individuality of students and appreciate their talents, interests, and needs. Through advisory periods, exploratory courses, electives, and core academic courses, students strengthen their abilities and explore and develop individual talents. We strive to create classroom environments that are inviting and conducive to learning, taking into account the varied learning styles of our students.

Middle School Course of Study 2021-2022