Saint James
Saint James School
Montgomery, Alabama

Band: Music Instruction at Saint James School

Saint James School is distinct from most independent schools not only by the high academic standards, but also by the amount of programs offered to prepare students for collegiate success. The band department is a highly acclaimed component of the arts at Saint James. The Marching Band is one of the most visible organizations at the school and has won numerous arounds in state, regional, and national competitions through events such as Bands of America. In addition to the Marching Band, the Concert Band performs regularly for campus events, as well as concerts in the region. There is a wide selection of classes offered through the band program such as Music Theory, Music Survey, Music Composition, Beginning Band, Intermediate Band, Advanced Band, Jazz Band, and Symphonic Band. Many of the students also perform with many of our chamber ensembles such as Brass Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, and various woodwind and brass duets, trios, and quartets.

Dr. Gregory Jackson
Saint James School Director of Bands
Dr. Gregory Jackson is a renowned percussionist, composer, educator, and author. Dr. Jackson has published over a dozen books sold worldwide, along with several recordings.  More than 2 dozen performances of Jackson's compositions occur each year around the world. Currently, he has composed four symphonies and has more than one hundred twenty completed works. He was a semi-finalist for the American Prize for Composition and nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in composition. Dr. Jackson performs his latest works across the country and is a member of the Percussive Arts Society Composition Committee. In the Percussive Arts Society International Collegiate Snare Competition, he placed in the top 10 four consecutive years and top 4 two years performing his original solos. Jackson proudly endorses Remo Inc., Pearl Percussion, and Innovative Percussion sticks and mallets.