Saint James
Saint James School
Montgomery, Alabama


The Saint James cheerleading program consists of three squads: Varsity (11th-12th), Junior Varsity (9th-10th) and Middle School (7th- 8th). The Varsity squad is responsible for cheering at all varsity football, basketball and girls varsity basketball games. The Junior Varsity squad is responsible for cheering at all junior varsity football, basketball and junior varsity girls basketball. The Middle School squad is responsible for cheering at all middle school football, basketball and middle school girls basketball. All three squads will participate in selected wrestling events. Our cheerleading program is considered a year-round sport and is required to abide by all AHSAA guidelines.

Tryout Information: Saint James cheerleader try-outs for all three squads are held in the spring (March-April). Dates are set each year according to all spring athletic schedules. All eligibility rules must be adhered to. For any specific questions, contact our cheer office at (334) 277-8033 ext.144.

2018-2019 Varsity Cheerleaders
Bailey Anderson, Mamie Conner, Shelby Craft, Meg Custard, Lauren Harrison, Alana Harwick, Hannah Keene, 
Maddy Materna, Sarah Rice, and Chaselea Rountree

2018-2019 Junior Varsity Cheerleaders
Haley Brightwell, Anna Colson, Anna Fett, Abbie Hubbard, Erin Hughes, Chelsea Johnson, 
Dodge Prim, and Emma Sherlin

2018-2019 Middle School Cheerleaders
Natalie Barna, Katie Brightwell, Kaitlyn Castleberry, Hannah McCain, Dylan Oliver, Taylor Potts, Hannah Richardson, 
Ella Reid Rodgers, Addison Seale, Gracie Sommer, Riley Taylor, Kassidy Thompson, Tiffany Tran, and Avery Varon

2018-2019 Varsity Mascots
Emily Olsey & Morgan Parrish 
Alternate: Lucy Edwards