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A New Decade at Saint James: We Are Building Foundations for the Future!

Dr. McLemore visited with STJ alumni Michael Bird '09 and Courtney Meadows '11 at Leadership Montgomery in September 2019.

Dear Saint James Family,

Happy new year and welcome back for the new semester! We are happy to see our students back on campus! As we begin a new decade at Saint James, I have been looking ahead to the future with great enthusiasm! Over the last few weeks, in my anticipation of the future, I have also had some moments for reflection and for looking back.

Recently, it has been my great joy to have seen and talked with many Saint James alumni who were home from college for the holidays. At various times over the last few weeks, I have had the good fortune to run into and catch up with many Saint James graduates: Sydney Brasfield, Nathan Ashner, Reid Woodson, Will Oakley, Sam Edwards, Coleman Taylor, Caton Oswalt, Frank Stallings, Mitch Mathews, Anastasiya Miller, Briar Belich, Zack Farmer, Wes Christie, and Will Prater. All of these alumni told me how deeply they valued and appreciated Saint James. They talked about the amazing teachers that mentored and challenged and loved them through the years. They reminisced with fondness about the rigor of their academic work and the skills and knowledge they had developed over the years. They all consistently remarked on how so very well prepared they were for college academic work as well as living away from home and balancing many responsibilities with great assurance and achievement. Each of these Saint James graduates has a different story, and they have all taken different paths. While all of these young men and women have majored in and specialized in diverse areas of study and career fields, there are several key themes—common to all of them—that stand out:

First, is the power of relationships at Saint James. Our graduates know how much their teachers, coaches, administrators, and everyone here cared for them and invested in them. When they go to college and are on their own as young adults, they begin to see the legacies of the Saint James faculty and staff who taught them, worked alongside them, and guided their paths in elementary school, middle school, and high school.

Second, is the strong and sure foundation they have built over their years at Saint James. Saint James alumni find out in college that they have something of great value and substance—a complete educational foundation of knowledge, skills, and character that was formed in them through their academic courses and all the extracurricular and co-curricular activities and learning experiences, which shaped them into well-rounded young adults.

Third, is the clear advantage they possess that is evident from the very first semester of college. Saint James graduates are immediately recognized in college as leaders and pacesetters. Their college professors, advisors, deans, coaches, and program directors all want Saint James graduates in their departments and programs because of the outstanding young men and women they are and because of the extraordinary foundation for success they have when they arrive at the college of their choice.

Fourth, is the confidence with which Saint James graduates begin their young adult lives. The people at Saint James who taught and supported and mentored them gave them something that is truly lasting: a complete and comprehensive education that opens tremendous possibilities and opportunities for their lives. The preparation that Saint James graduates have is the gift of a lifetime! And it is the beginning of a great life!

2020 is here! As we look forward to a new decade, it is exciting to see and hear about all the good things that Saint James graduates are doing today—and it is energizing to envision the possibilities for our Saint James graduates of the future!

We are Trojans, 24/7! We are Saint James School!

Dr. Larry McLemore
Head of School

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