Saint James
Saint James School
Montgomery, Alabama

Equality, Justice, and Peace

Dear Saint James Family,

As we reflect on the emotional toll of the last week on our nation and look ahead for opportunities to do good in the world, it is my prayer that the deep sadness consuming our country is eased through our actions. I hope you all join me in praying for peace for George Floyd’s family, peace for the countless lives lost to such senseless tragedies, and for justice to prevail.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. quoted the Bible often in his quest for social justice - this excerpt comes to mind watching the events unfold over the last few days:

          But let justice run down like water,
          And righteousness like a mighty stream.

          -Amos 5:24

Dr. King’s message is still true today. This issue before us is larger than one person or one person’s actions. As a school community, we have a role to play as we shape and mold generation after generation. With that charge, we honor our core values and allow them to guide our actions and our expectations of all those associated with our school. Racism in any form is not tolerated at Saint James School. 

We build strong character and we build up each other through living out and acting on a positive attitude, and by demonstrating integrity, respect, kindness, inclusion, empathy, compassion, honesty, humility, and gratitude.

We are committed to becoming our best and building each other up through positive attitudes and enthusiasm, actively learning and developing knowledge and skills, persevering and growing through challenges, understanding the value of going the extra mile, solving problems, and living lives of dedication and responsibility.

We challenge each other to strive towards high expectations, act with honor, and lead by example. We work together to embody the courage to put others before ourselves as we learn to serve and lead. As we grow in courage, we develop wisdom and a purpose to make an impact for the good of others.

With unified hearts, we grow, learn, and work together and make the most of our diversity through living out character virtues of integrity, respect, kindness, inclusion, empathy, compassion, honesty, humility, and gratitude.

In every decision we make as a school, we strive to uphold these values, to teach our students to always be respectful of their classmates, and to always lead by example.

The death of George Floyd and many other African American citizens who have been killed under horrific circumstances is wrong. It is inexcusable. And it is incumbent upon us to make our school family, our friends, and our neighbors feel safe. We stand with the African American community and community at large who peacefully promote the promise of equality and justice for all.

Again, please join me in praying for peace and for the wisdom to find a way forward in this unprecedented time in our lives.

Dr. Larry McLemore
Head of School

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