Saint James
Saint James School
Montgomery, Alabama

We never lose. We either win or learn!

Dear Saint James Faculty and Staff,
We are almost one full month into the school year!  Thank you for your leadership for our students and for our school community!  In our students we are seeing the spirit of a Saint James Trojan:  a positive attitude, enthusiasm, dedication, and commitment!  It's up to us to continue to shape the virtues we hope to see in our students.  Your leadership through your words and your actions is the difference-maker.  
It is powerful and inspiring when our words and actions are aligned in ways that lead our students--and also our faculty and staff colleagues--in the direction that they ought to go.  We have been focusing on how much our language matters!  I have been energized as I have seen the power of our words and actions throughout our campus.  I have seen it in our classrooms, in the hallways, in the Commons, on the field and the court, and in all the spaces and settings that make up our school community.  
Every day our 4th graders enter their classrooms with the following words greeting them:  We never lose. We either win or learn!  Our 4th graders see these words and they see in the actions of their teachers the spirit and meaning of those words.  We are always growing through all we do. You will have failures and problems, and it's up to you to decide how you will respond.  We love challenges because they make us stronger.  Our students learn these lessons and they build character through both the words and the examples of their teachers.  Our students are building inner strength.  Our students are beginning to understand the power of their attitudes.  We are teaching our students that "weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character" as Albert Einstein wisely observed.  Thank you to Felicia Arnold, Zach Beard, and Jenni Wingard--and to everyone on our faculty and staff--for building up our students through your leadership in your words and in your actions!  In all things we do--the little things and the big things--we can demonstrate the positive attitude and strong commitment of a Saint James Trojan!
Thank you to each of you for all you do every single day!  Let's keep it up, and let's keep building others up!  
We are Trojans 24/7!

Dr. Larry McLemore
Head of School

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