Saint James
Saint James School
Montgomery, Alabama

Annual Fund

Tax-deductible gifts to the Annual Fund advance Saint James School's programs and offerings by supporting the extraordinary value of our school's education. Donations allow countless resources to be placed at the fingertips of administration, teachers, coaches, and students. Gifts to the Annual Fund may be Designated or Undesignated. 

Undesignated Gifts allow Saint James to bridge the gap between tuition and the cost of a Saint James education and to fulfill the school's greatest prioritized needs. Prioritized needs of the school vary from year to year. They may include facility upgrades, campus improvements, safety enhancements, or technology advancements. These gifts allow the school to wisely place donations in areas that serve in the best interest of the school at large.

Designated Gifts are collected or donated for a specific purpose noted by the donor. Designations may include specific divisions, grade levels, programs, initiatives, and teams of the school which are of particular interest to the donor. 

Gifts to the Annual Fund support significant and noteworthy projects each year. It is our pleasure to acknowledge donors to this fund in our Annual Report each summer, as well as notifying individuals and families of special gifts made in honor or memory of others.

Click here to download the Saint James School 2019 Annual Fund Report.