Saint James
Saint James School
Montgomery, Alabama

Barranco Elected Youth Governor

Alabama's new Youth Governor Ryan Barranco with Servant Leader Award recipient Joe Higgins along with Saint James alumni and classmates at 2020 Alabama Youth Legislature conference in February 2020.

Saint James high school students participated in the 2020 Alabama Youth Legislature held the weekend of February 21, 2020. Over the course of the mock legislative conference, several Saint James students were elected officers, many were acknowledged for their years of service in the program, several were awarded recognition for outstanding leadership, and others were accomplished delegates asked to attend the national conference. In all, the Saint James students gained high praise for their commitment and dedication to the Youth Legislature program.

Saint James Junior Ryan Barranco was elected as Youth Governor for the coming year as well as being selected to attend the Council on National Affairs in North Carolina this summer. Also a Saint James Junior, Jeffery Ford was elected First Year Presiding Officer and Ford was also selected to attend the Council on National Affairs in North Carolina in June.

Senior Joe Higgins was awarded the prestigious Servant Leader Award at the conference as well as receiving recognition with classmate Lucy Edwards for seniors who have attended two or more conferences.

Junior Cole Armagost was chosen as the Editor in Chief for 2020-2021. Sophomore Jake Yohn was elected House Floor Leader and was selected as an alternate delegate to the Council on National Affairs. Freshman Anna Dickey was chosen as one of the outstanding delegates in their first year as well as recognition for having her bill passed in the First Year chamber with classmate, Brooke Bender, also a freshman from Saint James School.

Students who attended the 2020 Alabama Youth Legislature were Cole Armagost, Ryan Barranco, Brooke Bender, Haley Brightwell, Sophie Caradori, Anna Dickey, Lucy Edwards, Tyson Eley, Anna Fett, Jeffery Ford, Kendall Hardaway, Emily Headley, Joe Higgins, Georgeann Killough, Preston Philips, Foster Rasmussen, Jarrett Simpson, Caroline Yancey, and Jake Yohn. And Saint James School alumni who were involved in the 2020 conference included Claudia Hubbard, Harrison Carter, Haley White, LizAnne Livings, Pierce Godwin, and Trinity Hunter.

Youth Legislature is a national YMCA program for high school students preparing them for moral and political leadership through training in the theory and practice of developing public policy. The Alabama YMCA Youth Legislature is a program promoted and developed through the Student YMCA and Government Clubs of the YMCA. It is an educational approach to the development of citizen participation in the democratic government by providing opportunities to high school youth to study public government through a model legislative program.  

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