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Claudia Hubbard Elected Youth Governor

Saint James School Youth Legislature Club Sponsors (L-R) Kiki Hughes, Cindy Somerville, and Kay McGaughey are photographed with Saint James Junior Claudia Hubbard at the 69th YMCA State Youth Legislature where Hubbard was elected to serve as the Alabama Youth Governor for 2018.

Saint James Junior Named Youth Governor for 2018

Saint James School sent an energized delegation of students to participate in the 69th YMCA State Youth Legislature that convened the last weekend in February. The session was highlighted by the election of Saint James Junior, Claudia Hubbard, as the Alabama Youth Governor for 2018.

“I was so thrilled to be present when Claudia was elected as Youth Governor,” said Saint James School Youth Legislature Club Sponsor Kiki Hughes. “She has demonstrated her dedication and commitment to Youth Legislature for several years and it was a joy to watch her rewarded for her hard work and perseverance. Cindy Somerville, Kay McGaughey and I are thrilled for Claudia and we applaud all of the dedicated Saint James students who participate in Youth Legislature. It is a wonderful program that promotes confidence, teaches skills, and expands the world view for these students.”

During the weekend sessions, Claudia Hubbard served as the Senate Pro Temp, had a bill pass and signed into law by the current Youth Governor, and was selected as a delegate for the Conference On National Affairs to be held this summer in North Carolina. Fellow Saint James School Junior, Katie McIntyre, served as First Year Presiding Officer and was also selected as a delegate for the Conference On National Affairs.

Saint James School Senior Harrison Carter served as this year’s Secretary of State and was awarded the Servant Leadership Award presented to a student who has served their community regardless of recognition. Working beside Harrison was Saint James Senior Mackenzie Montiel who served as Assistant Secretary of State. STJ Senior T Diebel served on the Governor's Cabinet as Director of Law Enforcement and STJ Senior Atchison Hubbard served on the Governor’s Cabinet as Military Director. Joe Higgins, a Saint James School Freshman, served as Assistant Clerk of First Year and his bill was passed and signed into law by the Youth Governor. STJ Junior Abigail Engles served as Clerk of the House and STJ Junior Hanah Mathis Ray served as Assistant Clerk of the House.

Saint James Senior Anna Claire Bullard and Sophomore Trinity Hunter served on the media staff and Trinity received the Media Award for her work on the staff. STJ Seniors Atchison Hubbard, Anna Claire Bullard, Mackenzie Montiel, Harrison Carter, and T Diebel received honor cords for their years of participation in State Youth in Government. Serving on the College Staff was Saint James alumni and University of Alabama student Haley White.

YMCA Youth Legislature is a national YMCA program for high school students that prepares them for moral and political leadership through training in the theory and practice of developing public policy.

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