Saint James
Saint James School
Montgomery, Alabama

Saint James School Students Named National Merit Scholarship Program Finalists

Saint James School is proud to announce its two 2021 National Merit Scholarship Program Finalists, Paige Hemmer and Zach Ohliger.

Saint James Seniors Paige Hemmer and Zach Ohliger were named National Merit Scholarship Program Finalists on February 10, 2021. After being named Semifinalists in the fall, Paige and Zach were reviewed and evaluated based on their academic record, information about Saint James School’s curricula and grading system, national test scores, school recommendations, information about their activities and leadership, and an essay each of them wrote. Upon completion of these requirements, 15,000 students nationwide were notified that they had been named a National Merit Finalist. During the spring and early summer, approximately 7,500 of these students will be notified that they have been awarded scholarships specifically designated for National Merit Finalists.

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