Saint James
Saint James School
Montgomery, Alabama

Spanish 3 & 4 Students Interact Using Flipgrid

Students from Saint James and UMS-Wright enjoyed an immersive day of speaking Spanish together after spending the school year getting to know one another via Flipgrid, an online collaborative tool that offers a video platform.

High school students in Spanish 3 and Spanish 4 at STJ have been a part of a 21st century multi-media pen pal program (of sorts) with parallel students at UMS-Wright in Mobile. Saint James School’s high school Spanish teacher, Sra Rhea Grate, worked with the department chair of UMS-Wright World Languages, Mirella Chavez, to create a connection among their students via Flipgrid, an online collaborative tool featuring a video discussion platform.

The primary goal of the Flipgrid exercise between the two schools was to encourage and reinforce the practice of extemporaneous oral communication in the target language, Spanish. The students began with videos introducing themselves to each other—conversing only in Spanish. They continued the conversations through the school year and the two teachers planned a field trip to wrap up the year. Sra Grate and the Saint James Spanish 3 and 4 students traveled to Mobile for an immersive day of interaction with their peers at UMS-Wright. Sra Grate described the day field trip, “We spoke primarily in Spanish while there; the students mixed together into teams to do a Break Out—in Spanish—that Ms. Chavez and I created after we took a wonderful tour of their campus. After the Break Out, we enjoyed a delicious lunch together at a Mexican restaurant. This project has been very effective; we have already begun developing plans for next year, starting our Flipgrid videos in the fall and welcoming the students from UMS-Wright to our campus next year.”

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