Saint James
Saint James School
Montgomery, Alabama

High Marks in National French Contest

Saint James high school students earned top marks in National French Contest. Front Row (L-R): Jung In Ha and Marie-Soleil Turcotte. Back Row (L-R): Sydney Brashears, Claudia Hubbard, JB Ramsey, and Heather Otis.

Saint James Takes Two Top Spots in National French Contest

High marks were awarded to the Saint James students who competed in The National French Contest of the American Association of Teachers of French, Le Grand Concours, this spring.

A Gold Medal Winner in the Native-Speaker Category was French III student, Marie-Soleil Turcotte. The Saint James Freshman placed in the 95th percentile of students taking the exam and was ranked second in Alabama and an impressive fifth nationally.

Silver Medal Winner, Saint James Sophomore Sydney Brashears, is a French II student who placed in the 85th percentile and was ranked eighth in Alabama and an outstanding eleventh place in the nation.

Two Bronze Medal Winners, Jung In Ha and Heather Otis, are also French II students and scored in the 75th to 80th percentiles on the exam. And receiving Honorable Mentions are French II students Claudia Hubbard and JB Ramsey who both scored within the 50th and 70th percentiles on the exam.

“I am so proud of all of these students,” said Monsieur Lazaro Saavedra, Saint James French Teacher. “They all have studied and worked very hard this year—the accolades they have been given illustrate their commitment to personal excellence.”

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