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STJ TEAMS Finish First in STEM Competition

Saint James School students placed first in the problem solving component of the TEAMS competition held mid February 2017. The junior and senior team members included (L to R): Standing: Connor Taylor, Ian Tsekouras, Gyuna Kim, Jason Zhang, Jason Grate, and Joseph Gary. Kneeling: Hannah Dailey and Veronica Cherry.

Students from Saint James School earned the top spot, placed first in the state, during the Tests of Engineering Aptitude, Mathematics and Science (TEAMS) STEM competition on Tuesday, February 14, 2017. For the problem solving portion of the contest, one of the11th/12th grade teams won first place; team members included Gyuna Kim, Jason Zhang, Jason Grate, Connor Taylor, Ian Tsekouras, Veronica Cherry, Hannah Dailey, and Joseph Gary. The second 11th/12th grade team from Saint James finished 5th overall, and the 9th/10th grade team from Saint James tied for 6th place overall.

During the competition, each team built a robot arm from provided materials including duct tape, strips of cardboard, popsicle sticks, rubber bands, coat hangers, and a few other items. The arm was to pick up a full water bottle and move it to a target. Scoring was based on the "cost" of materials (each item was given a cost value) and on the speed at which the team could move the bottle to the target. The second 11th/12th grade team from Saint James built an amazing robot arm and took just 6.8 seconds to move the bottle! The winner for this portion of the competition will be announced later this spring. Team members were T Diebel, Jin Kim, Sophia Kim, Colton Alter, Mackenzie Montiel, Wesley Cherry, Mason Edwards, and Steven Yergensen. The 9th/10th grade team from Saint James had a strong robot arm time of 1 min and 25 seconds and those team members were Kylie Eng, Jack Branham, Nayoon Kang, Janice Cho, Sarang Lee, Alex Whisenhunt, and Sam Prickett. 

The teams also wrote and submitted an essay for a third component to the contest. The essay challenge was to identify a renewable energy source for generating power in Alabama. Technological challenges and costs for implementing the proposal were to be included in the essay. Essays were submitted on the 13th of February and the results will be announced this spring.

The TEAMS program is an annual STEM competition that helps students discover their potential for engineering. Using math, science and 21st century learning skills, students work together to problem-solve real, everyday engineering challenges. TEAMS increases student knowledge about what engineers do and their impact on society; introduces students to new academic concepts through real-world applications; and fosters creativity, critical thinking, teamwork and problem solving skills.

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