Saint James
Saint James School
Montgomery, Alabama

Digital Citizenship

Students have social relationships that extend beyond face to face. They use social media, they communicate via email with teachers and with each other, they visit websites, they use web tools as well as apps on individual and shared devices. With all of this comes a responsibility to follow important guidelines so that their communication and relationships with each other develop mutual respect and is honored continually even when using devices to communicate. This is called Digital Citizenship. To reach all students and to make it a part of our school culture, students are reminded day-to-day how to safely and effectively communicate and learn with technology. We integrate into lesson plans and teachable moments the respect and discernment we know students need when using technology. Responsible digital citizenship is also a part of our Saint James Honor Code and Required Use Policy.

Today's learning requires a great deal of technology use and educators, parents, and students need to understand the appropriate, responsible behavior when using technology. For more information on Digital Citizenship here are some very informative websites: