Saint James
Saint James School
Montgomery, Alabama

A Message from Dr. Larry McLemore

Welcome! Saint James School has an astonishing story. Our school began in 1955 as a small elementary school committed to developing the individual potential within each child entrusted to our care. Because of our unwavering dedication to doing what is best for our students, that small elementary school has grown to become the premier pre-K through 12th grade school in Central Alabama. Our teachers provide the strongest and most complete college preparatory curriculum within a caring and supportive learning community. Our commitment to caring for and inspiring the best in each Saint James student has guided us for 60 years, and that will continue to illuminate our path as we look ahead to the future.

Without question, the most valuable years of education and formation for a student are the years that he or she learns, grows, and develops between pre-Kindergarten and 12th grade. In those critical formative years, a child develops and grows into a young adult. By the time that student heads to college, the foundation that he or she possesses will largely determine the trajectory of the rest of his or her life. In their years at Saint James, our students are mentored to discover their talents, while sharpening their intellectual abilities and forming their character. Saint James graduates possess a sure foundation and are well equipped to go out into the world and make the most of the opportunities and challenges lying ahead.

We welcome you to come visit Saint James and meet our students and teachers. As you walk across our beautiful collegiate-style campus and pass through the halls where students and teachers are engaged in a vibrant learning community, you will see why Saint James School has been recognized as the top private school in Montgomery, Alabama.  


Dr. Larry McLemore
Head of School
Saint James School