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Welcome To Saint James School!

Our Admissions Team is eager to meet your family soon! Following the Coronavirus COVID-19 guidelines set forth by Governor Ivey, the Alabama Department of Public Health, and the Centers for Disease Control, we are not going to be physically on our school campus through April 3, 2020. We will be working remotely from our homes during that time. From March 23 – April 3, 2020, you are welcome to email the admissions office and we will take care of your needs. If you use the email address:, the three of us in the admissions office receive those emails and one of us will get back to you right away. 

We are very fortunate that most of the admissions processes are online, so this brief change in our office operations should not impede the application and enrollment process at all. There are a few questions we know we can answer in advance for you, so we have provided a bit of information below. Again, if there is anything you need addressed, please do not hesitate to let us know via

Q1: How do I provide official documents to Saint James if the admissions office is closed?

A1: If you or a school official has any documents to send us (academic records, teacher evaluations, birth certificates, etc.), please scan those documents and send to us digitally via email to:

We prefer that you do not send documents to us through the postal system or through our fax – please only send documents through email.

Q2: If the Saint James admissions office is closed, what do I do about my currently scheduled testing date, school tour, division level orientation, or other admissions event?

A2: Due to the voluntary closure of our school until April 3, 2020, all tours, testing, events, etc. will be temporarily cancelled. We are in hopes of returning to campus on April 6, 2020; the decision of when we re-open will be made in late March/early April based on state and federal recommendations for schools.

  • For those of you touring, we are more than happy to share any information with you digitally in lieu of a tour and we are also happy to reschedule a tour once we are back on campus.
  • Testing will not be available while we are closed.
  • We will let you know if future events such as division level orientations will be rescheduled. If we do not have time available when we return to campus for these events this spring, we will provide orientation videos so you have the information you need.

Q3: How will this Coronavirus COVID-19 campus closure affect my child’s application and enrollment?

A3: Please rest assured, no applicant will be at a disadvantage during this time. As you complete all of the admissions requirements for your child, our admissions committee will be available to review your child's file digitally. We will notify you immediately upon their admissions decision.

Saint James welcomes enrollment applications throughout the year; our physical office being closed will not affect the processing of your child’s application.

As we all navigate this time of Coronavirus precautions, we are reminded of how important family and community are. Please know we are here to help you and your child through the admissions process whether we are at the office or working remotely! 

We are Saint James School!

Cathy Pearson
Dean of Admissions
Saint James School