Saint James
Saint James School
Montgomery, Alabama


Thank you for your interest in Saint James School! Our Admissions Team is here to guide you through the important process of selecting the best school for your child.  As the premier independent school in Central Alabama, it is our joy to share the powerful story of a Saint James School education. Each day at Saint James, every student is building something that is uniquely his or her own within a learning community that is grounded in support, guidance, and encouragement. On our campus, children are challenged and mentored by their teachers to discover their special talents, strive for achievement, and fulfill their powerful potential.

As visitors walk the beautiful, collegiate-style 68-acre campus and pass through the halls of students and teachers engaged in a vibrant learning community, it is evident why Saint James has been recognized as the top independent school in Montgomery.  We invite you to visit the links on the right for more information on exciting events and the admissions process. We can't wait to meet you!

Elizabeth Hawke
Director of Admissions and Enrollment
Saint James School