Saint James
Saint James School
Montgomery, Alabama

Meet Our STJ Student Ambassadors

Our Saint James School Ambassadors are a highly motivated and energetic group of outstanding high school students who serve as school representatives and liaisons to enrolled and prospective families. 

Our Student Ambassadors enjoy meeting new people while serving in their leadership role on campus. The Ambassadors work with the STJ administration, faculty, and students promoting our mission, programs, and activities. These exceptional students have a strong work ethic, natural leadership abilities, and serve as role models to our prospective students.

Since the program began, our Ambassadors have played a vital role in welcoming new families to Saint James School. If you have a question for our Ambassadors, you can contact them at

  • Ryan Barranco

    My name is Ryan Barranco and I am a junior at Saint James School. I first joined the Saint James family as a freshman in high school.  I came to Saint James as a new student during a major transition year and I was immediately embraced and have felt the love and support of STJ every day since my first day. Education is very important to my family, which is one reason we chose Saint James School.  I have one sister who is studying at Troy University Nursing School and another sister who is studying at UAB Medical School. At Saint James,  I have been heavily involved in AP and Honors courses as well as many extracurricular activities. I am an involved member in Mu Alpha Theta, National Honors Society, Latin Honors Society, Pep Club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Student Government Association, YMCA Youth in Government, and a worship leader at Saint James United Methodist. I have aspirations to study Pre-Law in college and eventually work in our nation's capital. I know this goal is possible through the continuous preparation and support of Saint James to further not only my academic career, but also further develop myself as a whole. Without Saint James, I would not be who I am today and that is why I will always be proud to call myself a Saint James Trojan.

  • Jack Branham

    My name is Jack Branham, and I am a Senior at Saint James. I came to Saint James in the sixth grade, and I have loved every second I have spent here. Aside from being a student ambassador, I have participated in several activities including football, wrestling, speech and debate, concert band, jazz band, and marching band. These programs have shaped me into an accomplished individual, leader, and team member. One thing that all these programs and the school, in general, have in common is a sense of family. We all know each other here at Saint James. When I joined marching band in seventh grade, I had the opportunity to make friends with upperclassmen, and now as an upperclassmen myself,  I am befriending new seventh graders. The band has also helped me develop leadership skills. This year I am band captain, brass principle, and first chair low brass in our band. These positions have allowed me to learn how to become a better leader. The band has also allowed me to hone my talents in the art of tuba playing. However, extracurriculars are not the only place that Saint James has shaped me. The classroom is another area that has influenced me. Saint James offers a wide variety of strong academic courses that push all students to reach their maximum potential. Saint James’ academics prepares every student for future positive college experiences. I am a member of many honor societies at Saint James School including the Tri-M Honor Society, the National Honor Society, the Mu Alpha Theta Honor Society, and the NJCL Latin Honor Society. Regardless of the college I choose to attend, I plan to double major in tuba performance and mathematics. I am also interested in music education and engineering. After completing my undergraduate degree, I plan to get my doctorate of music in tuba performance. The opportunities I have received from Saint James School will prepare me to excel not only in college but also in my career after college.

  • Seanna Brooks

    My name is Seanna Brooks, a current senior at Saint James, and I started attending Saint James in Kindergarten. At the end of my first year, my parents and I relocated to Birmingham due to a job change. As soon as I returned to Montgomery and Saint James School in the fourth grade, I felt right at home. It was amazing to see so many familiar and welcoming faces who remembered me. Saint James does such a great job of making everyone feel a part of the STJ family. Although I’m an only child, family is a huge part of my life. That is why I feel it so important to have a welcoming atmosphere at school. Saint James definitely provides this, which allows students to excel in various school interests. The college preparation aspect of our school with the rigorous academics and competitive athletics is also very important. Over the years, I have participated in several YMCA programs, including youth judicial and youth legislature. I have also played basketball since the seventh grade and have loved every second of it. In fact, two years ago I had the amazing opportunity to play in the final four basketball tournment in Birmingham. My teachers and coaches have played a huge part in helping me to succeed, whether it be on or off the court and I can not thank them enough for the encouragement. One thing that I value most about being apart of the Saint James family is that everyone here inspires us to be well rounded individuals. There is just such a wide spectrum of things to take part in at Saint James and I am happy to say I feel prepared for life after high school with plans to attend both undergraduate school and law school.

  • Makenzie Corley

    My name is Makenzie Corley and I am currently a junior at Saint James School. I have been attending Saint James for thirteen years so I can truly say Saint James is my home away from home. Most of my life revolves around Saint James and I have loved every second of it! My brother, who is in seventh grade, and sister, who is in sixth grade, also attend Saint James. Each of us consider Saint James as a community with wonderful students, faculty, and parents. There are so many opportunities offered at Saint James from academic courses to extracurricular activities. I am involved in many extracurricular activities such as volleyball, basketball, softball, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, pep club, Student Y Government club, Student Government Association, and so many more. I am excited to share my story with prospective new families so they can learn about the many opportunities they will have as a student at Saint James. While being at Saint James, I have learned to be a leader by serving as the SGA treasurer, sophomore class treasurer, and junior class president. I am also a member of many honor societies which include Latin Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, and National Honor Society. Saint James sets a high standard for their students but the faculty helps students find their individual paths to succeed with endless possibilities. I am forever grateful for the opportunities Saint James has given me and I am excited to share my experiences with anyone who is considering our school. Saint James is a community where we cherish relationships and grow bonds. Saint James is a home away from home for which I will forever be thankful.

  • Lucy Edwards

    My name is Lucy Edwards and I am currently a senior at Saint James School. I transferred to Saint James in the sixth grade and it was an extremely easy transition! I was very nervous, but was welcomed by the students and teachers with open arms. Both my brothers and my parents graduated from Saint James, so we consider Saint James as part of our family. There are so many options for extracurricular activities and I am involved in many of these activities such as volleyball, basketball, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Pep Club, Student Y Government club, and so many more. These clubs and activities have helped me meet a wide variety of friends and grow in so many relationships. I have also grown as a leader through serving as Class President for the senior class. Not only does Saint James offer a wide variety of extracurricular activities, but the challenging courses prepare me for when I go off to college. I am a member of the National Honor Society along with a number of my fellow classmates. After I graduate, I plan on attending The University of Alabama where I will major in Communicative Disorders leading me to a career as a speech language pathologist. I know Saint James will prepare me well for that next chapter in my life. I am proud to say that I am a Saint James Trojan and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for this year!

  • Tyson Eley

    My name is Tyson Eley and I am currently a junior at Saint James School. I started Saint James 12 years ago in the Kindergarten class. From the time I stepped through the doors of Saint James, I knew it was the place for me. Since then, Saint James has become my second home and everyone here my family. My father and three brothers all attended Saint James and were all able to transition easily to The University of Alabama, where they were prepared and ready to take on their next step. My father and two of my brothers are lawyers, all graduating from Cumberland School of Law.  My other brother is a current student at Alabama with big plans for the future as well. The faculty at Saint James will always push you to be the best you can be and you will rarely find anyone unwilling to help. Saint James has allowed me to shape myself and pave a way for my future. With all the choices of classes, clubs, and extracurricular activities, you can never go wrong. As a student, you have the freedom to design your own schedule with the help of our counselors. I have loved the Saint James Advanced Placement and Honors classes because they are rigorous and prepare students for college. I currently participate in extracurricular activities such as the Student Y Government Club, Interact Club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and the Student Government Association, and served as Class President my tenth grade year. I am also in three honor societies including National Honor Society, Latin Honor Society, and Mu Alpha Theta Math Honor Society which recognize outstanding students and their achievements. I have played four sports at Saint James, including baseball, football, basketball, and golf. I recently decided to focus on just baseball so I can be the best I can be in this one area. Regardless, all of these extracurricular activities have built my character through teaching me both leadership and discipline. I know that Saint James is the best school that I could have attended and I am proud to be a student here. After high school, my goal is to attend The University of Alabama and then the UAB School of Dentistry.

  • Jeffrey Ford

    My name is Jeffery Ford and I am a junior at Saint James School. I have attended Saint James since Pre-K4 and love it. The decision to enroll into Saint James was a huge blessing and opportunity for me. My family and I chose Saint James because of the diversity within the student body as well as the education. Saint James has offered me many academic classes to take, clubs to join, athletic teams to join and compete, as well as many events to attend. I am involved in the Youth in Government and Student Government Association programs offered by Saint James. I have competed in Youth Legislature, Youth Judicial, the National Judicial Conference, Youth in City, and I am a member of the Government Club at Saint James. These Saint James events and organizations have given me the passion and drive to pursue government and law in college. Saint James has afforded me the opportunity to participate in numerous athletic activities such as baseball, football, and indoor track. Saint James has a wide variety of college preparatory classes that have prepared me for college. The faculty at Saint James has helped to ensure my success and education in the classroom. The student body helps put Saint James above many schools in the Montgomery area. The warmth and love that I have received from classmates and teachers, has made my years at Saint James a smooth and comfortable journey. I am so thankful for the opportunities that Saint James has given me. I can truly say that attending Saint James has been a great experience for me.

  • Hannah Grace Griggs

    My name is Hannah Grace Griggs and I am currently a junior at Saint James School. I have a younger brother in 9th grade who is also a Saint James student. I have attended this school since Kindergarten and would not rather be anywhere else! I feel so cared for and at home here! My parents chose this school for me for several different reasons. Some of the most important reasons were the different opportunities available, the values and morals, and the staff. Here at Saint James, I am involved in many academic and extracurricular activities. I play volleyball, basketball, and softball. I am also a part of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Leadership Team, SGA, Interact Club, Government Club, Mu Alpha Theta, Latin Honors Society, National Honors Society, IPRYL, Student Ambassadors, and the Youth in Government Program. All of these programs have allowed me to grow as a person, leader, and friend. I fully believe that Saint James is preparing me for the future and giving me the best education possible. When I graduate from high school, I plan to start the pre-dentistry track in college in order to become a pediatric orthodontist one day. The countless memories I make and life lessons I learn daily are things that I will definitely never forget. These things also reassure me that I can reach my long term goals. Without Saint James and the impact it has had on my life, I would not be who I am today.

  • Izabella Hernandez

    I am Izabella Hernandez and I am currently a junior at Saint James. I came to STJ in the 7th grade, which was nerve-racking, especially since I did not know anyone who attended Saint James at the time. But thankfully, everyone was so inviting- teachers and students alike! Because of this warm environment, I have been able to meet amazing friends and take advantage of all the opportunities offered here at Saint James. I have been involved in theater productions, varsity tennis, choir, National Honor Society, Latin Honor Society, Art Honor Society, the junior prom committee, write club, key club, and more. My parents chose Saint James because of the wide variety of outstanding extracurriculars offered and the challenge-oriented curriculum. However, I was partial to the fantastic art program I learned about during my initial visit to the school. Not only does Saint James have a family-like atmosphere and a great curriculum, Saint James also prepares students for college and the real world. After I graduate, I plan to attend Notre Dame and enter the forensic science field. I have the confidence to choose such a career path because of how well Saint James has prepared me. I am very grateful that I have been able to attend such a well rounded school. Through my experiences at Saint James, I am able to express my creativity and ideas, challenge myself with AP classes, and laugh with my friends while planning a theater production. Saint James is my second home because I am always so eager to get involved in all that is offered. Go Trojans!

  • Nayoon Kang

    My name is Nayoon Kang and I am a senior at Saint James. I came to Saint James in the 4th grade from Korea. At that time, I focused on learning about the culture, language, and everyday interactions. I was excited and nervous to adapt to this new environment, but the teachers and my friends helped me overcome my fears. Now,  I feel very privileged to be educated at this wonderful school. My parents chose Saint James School because of the kind teachers, the welcoming campus environment , and the wide variety of extracurricular activities. During my years at Saint James, I have had an opportunity to be involved in many activities. When I was in 8th grade, I joined the winter guard and those positive experiences will remain one of the fond memories I will never forget. My team members were very nice, and they always helped me. I am currently on the Saint James golf team and have played golf since middle school. I have taken art classes every year which has helped me to develop my creative skills. In 10th grade, I founded an International club at Saint James. I created this club for two reasons: I wanted to help students and parents become more comfortable with Saint James and I wanted to help Saint James since it benefits so many people. Being in the Student Government Organization helped me meet many diverse people and learn more about the many programs at Saint James. I had an opportunity to help with pizza sales, fall festival, community day, and senior walk through SGA. I love going to math competitions, BEST Robotics, VEX robotics, and science olympiad. By participating in competitions, I could challenge myself and discover areas to work harder. I am also in several honor societies which include: Mu Alpha Theta, Art Honor Society, National Honor Society, and Latin Honor Society. After I graduate from Saint James, I plan to pursue a career that involves helping people in areas such as social workers or special education teachers. The opportunities in Saint James will help me achieve my goal.

  • Presley Miles

    My name is Presley Miles and I am a current junior at Saint James. I have attended Saint James since Kindergarten and I have loved every second of it! My parents chose Saint James because it has endless opportunities and it also excels in all categories. Saint James has state championship winning track and volleyball teams, a national qualifying band, a title winning speech and debate team, and the list goes on. I decided I wanted to run track and cross country and the Saint James family has supported me every step! I think what sets Saint James apart from other schools is the caring students and faculty. I can honestly say Saint James is my second home because of the people. I am a member of the National Honor Society, Latin Honor Society, cooking club, pep club, and chess club. I have been involved in SGA since the 6th grade and I have attended the Capstone Leadership Academy Conference at Alabama. Saint James has taught me that to lead is to serve by going out in the community and serving. The memories I have made at Saint James will always hold a special place in my heart. Go Trojans!

  • Trevor Otis

    My name is Trevor Otis and I am a senior at Saint James. My sister is an alumna of the school and my mom works in the technology department. I came to Saint James in the ninth grade, and the ease of transition coming as a new student is a large part of why I am passionate about the school. In addition to being a student ambassador, I have taken advantage of the many incredible opportunities that the school offers outside of the classroom, opportunities I look forward to sharing with others as a student ambassador. I am a member of the Saint James marching band, playing tenor drums in the drum line. I have also been elected band president by my peers. Being part of the band has been an invaluable part of my time at Saint James. It has not only improved my musical ability, but it has also taught me discipline and leadership. In addition, I am a member of the school’s speech and debate team, where I compete in  impromptu and extemporaneous speaking. As a member of the team, I qualified twice to represent the state and compete with the best in the nation at the National Speech and Debate Tournament. I serve as the team president, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to not only compete at a high level, but also to grow as a person, and to find my voice. I also compete in various math competitions, as a member of one of the strongest math programs in the state. I am also president of the National Honor Society and the The National French Honor Society and am a member of the Tri-M Music Honor Society, and Mu Alpha Theta.  I was also recently named a National Merit Semifinalist.  My goal is to attend Rice University in Houston, Texas, and I am certain that the rigorous academics offered at this school have set me up to succeed long after I graduate.

  • Morgan Parish

    My name is Morgan Parish, and I am a junior at Saint James School. I have attended Saint James since Pre-K4 and my sister, who is six years older, also started in Pre-K4. Saint James has been a perfect fit for my family because it offers so many opportunities for superior academics as well as a wide variety of extra-curricular activities. I love competing on the court, on the field and in the classroom. I am involved in multiple varsity level sports including volleyball in the fall, basketball in the winter and softball in the spring. In addition, I cheer on the sidelines during football season as the Trojan mascot and I love showing and promoting school spirit. I am involved in Pep Club, National Honors’ Society, Latin Honor Society, the IPRYL program, SGA, Junior class Vice-President and serve as a Student Ambassador. I have also had the opportunity to be involved in the YMCA Youth Judicial and Legislative programs, most recently competing in the national moot court competition in Chicago for the second year representing Alabama and Saint James and placing seventh out of twenty-five teams from across the nation. The Saint James administration, teachers and coaches all play an important role in my high school experience and I am grateful for their dedication to my success.

  • Sarah Rice

    My name is Sarah Rice and I am a senior at Saint James School. I came to Saint James in second grade when my family moved here from Texas. I immediately felt very welcomed by the students and teachers. Everyone was so friendly and I immediately felt included. My parents chose Saint James because they liked the school's diversity. They also loved the family atmosphere and they thought it would be a great school for their children. While I have been a student here, I have been involved in many things. I am currently the co-captain of the varsity cheer team and was also a cheerleader in middle school. In the past, I was in the band and part of the color guard, which was a great experience. Some of my extracurricular activities include: key club, interact club, film club, Latin club, cooking club, the IPRYL program, tennis, and track. As a sophomore, I was selected by my teachers to have the opportunity to attend the Capstone Leadership Academy at the University of Alabama. I am in various honor societies which include: Latin Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, and the National Honor Society. I have also been on the homecoming court for my freshmen, sophomore, and junior year which has been such a fun opportunity. Saint James has so many opportunities for so many different people such as academic teams, arts, and athletics. Saint James has such a welcoming environment and is like a second home to me. After I graduate Saint James, I plan to attend college and major in Pre-Med. I feel that Saint James has definitely prepared me for college and I am so thankful for my time here!

  • Mary Julian Setzer

    My name is Mary Julian Setzer and I am currently a Senior at Saint James. I have been attending Saint James since the first grade. Saint James is truly my home away from home. The teachers and faculty at Saint James have helped shape me and made me who I am today. I am so thankful for this school and the academics that are offered because they truly are the best. The friends that I have made while attending this school are more like a family to me than anything else, and will remain with me for a lifetime. My brother is a Saint James alum and has recently graduated from The University of Alabama at Birmingham and is now pursuing a Masters Degree in Computer Science. I am currently part of the Student-Y Government Club, Interact Club, and a previous member of IPRYL. I am also a member of National Honor Society, Latin Honor Society, and the Art Honor Society. I am on the Girls Varsity volleyball and soccer teams. All of the extracurricular activities and clubs offered at Saint James have been the biggest blessing by teaching me things such as leadership skills and how to make myself a better person. Saint James challenges me everyday to do my best and has definitely helped prepare me for life after high school. After high school, I would like to attend Auburn University. I believe Saint James has given me the best education and I am so proud to be a Saint James Trojan! Go Trojans!

  • Michael Shalayda

    My name is Michael Shalayda and I am currently in my senior year at Saint James. I have been a student here since fourth grade. My first year was an extremely easy transition and one of the best things to happen to me. I have two younger siblings in 6th and 9th grade and my mom is also the Saint James high school principal's assistant.  Saint James is like a family to us and we enjoy it so much! The students are always extremely friendly and the faculty is certainly among the best. Saint James has given me friendships and experiences that I will cherish forever. I am extremely excited to be a student ambassador this year so I can show and tell others about how amazing this school really is to so many! One of my favorite parts about the school is that Saint James has numerous extracurricular activities and sports with something for everyone. I am participating in many extracurricular activities this year such as Interact club, Latin club, and I am also a member of the National Honor Society.  All of these club memberships have taught me very valuable things that will be useful in my future. I am also on the varsity football team and the varsity basketball team. Football and basketball have taught me very important life lessons, leadership values as well as how to serve on a team. I know Saint James has prepared me for college and post-college life. I am so thankful for the values I have learned as well as the amazing education Saint James has given me!

  • Katie Leigh Smith

    My name is Katie Leigh Smith and I am a senior at Saint James School. I came to Saint James my sixth grade year and have loved it ever since. My mom became the eighth grade English teacher the year before I joined the Saint James family. After being here for just one year, my mother knew she wanted her children to be here, too. I have one older brother who graduated from Saint James and is currently attending the University of Alabama at Huntsville and one younger brother who is in the eighth grade here at STJ. I have taken advantage of the many wonderful opportunities and courses at Saint James School. I have loved the challenge of the AP and honors classes offered here and have participated in a wide variety of clubs and extracurriculars. I am involved in Pep Club, Latin Honors’ Society, Mu Alpha Theta, National Honors’ Society, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, IPRYL, Peer Leaders, and I lead a Bible study for middle school girls. In the future, I hope to attend Auburn University and become a veterinarian and one day possibly own my own veterinarian clinic. The huge impact Saint James has had on my life empowers me to believe in myself enough to accomplish this goal. I know I will be prepared for college and life beyond that because of the diverse skills and variety of opportunities Saint James has provided for me.

  • Gracie Sullivan

    My name is Gracie Sullivan and I am currently a senior at Saint James School. I started Saint James in Pre-K4 so I have been here for 14 years. I love my school because of the memories STJ has given me. By being a part of the Saint James Student Ambassador program, I hope to share more memories with new students. My two older brothers graduated from Saint James and both of my parents have worked here. My family is filled with different personalities, yet Saint James was the perfect match for us all. The aspect I love at STJ is the opportunity to want more. We are given several advanced classes and extracurricular activities which help us grow and prepare for the future. I am a part of the Saint James Equestrian Team, Pep Club, Latin Club, National Honors’ Society, Mu Alpha Theta, and Peer Leaders. I am most thankful for the Equestrian Team which has helped me qualify for regionals and zones. Saint James has helped me accomplish my dream of going to a D1 college for my skills as an equestrian. Next fall I will be on Auburn’s Equestrian Team and will study in the field of my choice. Even though my goal was hard to achieve, the Saint James faculty and students supported me throughout the process!

  • Zoe Tatum

    My name is Zoe Tatum, and I have been enrolled at Saint James for fourteen years. Being a Trojan for fourteen years has taught me selflessness, persistence, and to value my education. I can wholeheartedly call Saint James the best school in Montgomery. I also have a brother who attended Saint James for thirteen years and recently graduated. He now attends Auburn University and is studying pre-veterinary. I have participated as a member of the soccer team since the eighth grade. This year I became co-editor of the yearbook staff and hope to continue my editorial position next year. I also belong to the National Honor Society and Mu Alpha Theta. I’ve belonged to the Student-Y club, Cooking club, and currently belong to the Latin Club. I am also the president of the Yearbook club. The best thing about Saint James is how much it creates and values relationships. Through friendships and outstanding teachers, students can easily find a place to belong at Saint James School. The value of education is reflected in our course selections, motivation of students, and qualifications of faculty. I am extremely blessed to call Saint James my home away from home because it prepares me for what is to be faced after in the years after high school.

  • Lauren Taylor

    My name is Lauren Taylor and I am a junior at Saint James School. I came to Saint James in the 9th grade. I came from a school that did not challenge me academically and did not have many course options for me to pursue. However, at Saint James, I was pleased to discover a wide variety of classes, extracurricular, and community service options.   My parents and I knew that Saint James was the school for me after seeing all of the opportunities provided to their students and after experiencing the welcoming atmosphere. Changing schools made me extremely nervous, but welcoming students and faculty made me feel comfortable right away. My freshman year I played volleyball, which helped me grow closer to some of my classmates. I am in Advanced Placement and Honors classes, Spanish Club, Interact club, the National Society of High School Scholars, the Student Government Association and I currently serve as the treasurer for the junior class. I have aspirations to be a surgeon when I’m older and I know that Saint James will help me reach my goals. Saint James has helped me develop strong social skills, become a better academic student and realize my potential.

  • Ella Taylor

    My name is Ella Taylor and I am currently a junior at Saint James School. As a Saint James student for eight years, I can truly say that coming to Saint James has been one of the biggest opportunities and blessings of my life. I came to Saint James in the middle of my fourth grade year. My dad was active duty military and was relocated to Montgomery so we packed our bags during Christmas break and headed down to a new state and new city. It was scary having to start at Saint James in January since everyone already knew each other and being a shy kid, I didn’t know how I would fit in with the other students or my new school. However, this school made it so much easier for not only me, but also for my family during that stressful period. Now I’m beyond grateful that we moved here because I am able to attend such a wonderful school! My younger brother is currently in the ninth grade and my mom is the new middle school principal here so this school really is like a family to me! The school has so many opportunities for the students to grow not only academically but also emotionally! As I mentioned before, I was a shy kid in elementary school but now I participate in the IPRYL program, the student Ambassador Program, Speech and Debate, Choir, and I’ve been performing on stage in front of my peers since the seventh grade! I truly believe that I would not have been able to do as much as I do now if I had not come here; not only because our school offers so many activities for students, but also because the teachers and faculty genuinely care about challenging us and helping us to reach our full potential. Now, when I go to college, I plan to major in musical theatre and pursue my dreams. This might seem crazy to some people but I've been able to push myself beyond what I could have ever thought possible! I am so grateful for the opportunity to share the Saint James family with others! Go Trojans!

  • Jan Wachowitz

    My name is Jan Wachowitz and I am currently a senior at Saint James. I joined Saint James in the middle of my freshman year after moving from Cologne, Germany. I am currently a member of the Saint James football and soccer teams. I also participate in the Chess-Club and the I.P.R.Y.L. programs. I have a sister in the 4th grade and a brother in the 9th grade who also attend Saint James. My goals after graduation are to major in professional flight or aerospace engineering and eventually become a pilot like my father. I am a military child which means that moving to different places, getting used to new environments, and most importantly finding new friends were part of our annual routine for a major part of our lives. After moving a total of five times and attending three different high schools in two different countries, I can say, without a doubt, that Saint James has given me the feeling of ‘home’ like no other school.  I will forever be great grateful for the friendships I have made as well as the opportunities Saint James has provided for me. Saint James is a place like no other. Go Trojans!

  • Patrick Whetstone

    My name is Patrick Whetstone and I am a senior at Saint James School. I enrolled in Saint James in the ninth grade. I have an older brother who is enrolled at the University of Alabama and two younger siblings. I enjoy being a member of the tennis team as well as being involved in the Student-Y organization and the Latin Club. I also served as the Junior Class President last year. I am a member of the National Honor Society, Latin Honor Society, National Technical Honor Society, and Mu Alpha Theta. During my transition to Saint James I was drawn in by the emphasis of being one big family. Being a fairly new student, I feel that I would be able to share some of my own experiences about coming to a new school with families considering Saint James. I love talking with new people and enjoy answering questions that anyone might have about our school. I feel that Saint James is preparing me to be a well rounded student and successful in the next chapters of my life.

  • Aubrey Wright

    My name is Aubrey Wright and I am currently a junior attending Saint James. I transferred to Saint James in the 10th grade after living overseas for almost 5 years due to my father's active duty military career. When I moved to Montgomery, I was very nervous about coming to school and meeting new people. Though, on my first day, I was welcomed by many friendly faces which helped me become part of the Saint James family. Thanks to everyone,  I can now call myself a true Saint James Trojan. Saint James has been able to offer me many things to better myself as a student. From SAT practice courses to Advanced Placement and Honors classes, Saint James has helped me grow and prepare for college. I was also inducted into the Spanish Honor Society. Saint James has given me many opportunities, not only as a student, but as an athlete as well. I have been able to be a part of the varsity dance team, cheerleading squad, and cross country team. I have also been able to participate on a State Championship track and field team. As a Saint James Student Ambassador, I am happy to be able to continue sharing the welcoming atmosphere that initially helped me adjust to life in high school at STJ. Also, I can help other military families feel at home by sharing my experiences and opportunities given to me by Saint James. As a student ambassador, I am very excited to share my experiences with others in order to help them become part of the Saint James family, too! After high school, I plan to attend college and receive a degree in Spanish as well as Genetics. Thanks to the many opportunities offered by Saint James, I believe I will be able to achieve this goal. I am so glad I can call myself a Saint James Trojan!