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A Message from the Head of School - 2/2/18

Guiding, Teaching, Mentoring, and Parenting

Dear Saint James Family,

As a school community, we believe that children flourish in their learning and growth when parents and educators join together in a partnership that is characterized by clearly defined and shared responsibilities, open lines of communication, trust, mutual respect, and a common goal: doing what is best for the student to develop the whole child. That is why we have developed a statement of expectations and responsibilities for how we best create a learning community in which children will grow and fulfill their potential. The expectations and responsibilities that Saint James School and Saint James parents work together to uphold are expressed in our School--Parent Partnership Covenant, which is the introduction to the Saint James School Student/Parent Handbook.

Guiding, teaching, mentoring, and parenting children is challenging and rewarding work. As educators and parents, we are all responsible for continuing to learn and cultivate the skills and best practices for parenting and developing our students and children. As adults, we are examples to children. When we work together--as parents, teachers, and school leaders--to create a supportive, positive, and respectful setting for each other, we have set the stage for our students to flourish in a nurturing and uplifting learning community.

Frederick Douglass once said, "It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men." The work we do together as educators and parents to develop children and to do what is best for children is challenging and complex, and there is arguably no more consequential work in life than the work of developing and educating children. At Saint James School, through a strong partnership between parents and teachers and school leaders, we are building up children and we are working together to help each child build a strong foundation that will make an impact that lasts a lifetime!

We love your children, and we are grateful to you for the partnership we share with you to support the growth and development of each child within our school community!

We are Saint James School!

Dr. Larry McLemore
Head of School

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