Saint James
Saint James School
Montgomery, Alabama

Math Students Earn Top Honors

Saint James mathematics students who competed and won top honors in the Alabama Statewide Mathematics Contest and/or the TEAMS competition: front row L-R: Kyle Domingo, Isabelle Goulet, Izabel Cabral, Makenzie Corley, Chelsey Craig, Jiyeon Paek, Gayeon Paek; 2nd row L-R: Jun Choi, Janice Cho, Katie Thompson, Alisa Chirkova-Holland, Virginia Braswell, Sidnee Beavers, Nayoon Kang; back row: L-R: Jayden Lee, Zach Ohliger, Su Yun, Tyson Eley, Quintoria Warren, Ryan Barranco, Chris Shiffer, Andrew Kellum, and Jay Yun.

Saint James students competed on February 23, 2019 in the Alabama Statewide Mathematics Contest and earned top honors as a team and as individual participants. Students also participated in the TEAMS competition: Tests of Engineering Aptitude, Mathematics, and Science; on March 6th, they competed in the problem solving component of TEAMS and took third place in the state.

In the Statewide Math Competition, there were three contests: one for the Geometry students, one for the Algebra 2 with Trig students, and one for any student taking a course above Algebra 2 with Trig, called "Comprehensive" as it includes topics from all high school courses. District VI is composed of 14 counties surrounding Montgomery—including Lee, Russell, Chambers, Lowndes, Wilcox, Dallas, etc; it encompasses a large region of central Alabama. Schools are further divided into three divisions based on size and on how many courses they offer beyond calculus; Saint James is included in Division 2.

For District VI, the Saint James Geometry Team won First Place; the Algebra II & Trig Team won First Place; and the Comprehensive (advanced) Team won First Place! Plus, in Division 2, the Saint James Comprehensive Team placed first in state. This first place ranking was awarded after Saint James defeated 21 other schools in the competition.

There were also many individual honors that Saint James students earned during the Statewide Mathematics Contest. For District VI, in Geometry, STJ took the top 5 places: (1) Jiyeon Paek (#7 statewide); (2) Jun Choi (#18 statewide); (3) Jay Yun; (4) Katie Thompson; and (5) Kyle Domingo. In Algebra II & Trig, STJ took 4 of the top 5 places: (1) Jayden Lee (ranked in the top 25% in the state); (3) Zach Ohliger; (4) Chris Shiffer; and (5) Sidnee Beavers. For Comprehensive, STJ took 3 of the top 5 places: (2) Gayeon Paek (#2 statewide); (3) Janice Cho (#4 statewide); and (5) Su Yun (#10 statewide). And, Nayoon Kang is ranked in the top 15% in the state.

Additionally, students competed in the TEAMS Competition held at Auburn University and sponsored by the School of Engineering. TEAMS has three components: a problem solving component, an essay component, and a design-and-build component. Essays were submitted to the national TEAMS website for evaluation early March. On Wednesday, March 6th, students participated in the problem solving component and the design-and-build component. Only the results of the problem solving were recognized the day of the competition. For the 9th & 10th grade division, in the problem solving part of the TEAMS competition, STJ’s Ryan Barranco, Virginia Braswell, Makenzie Corley, Chelsey Craig, Tyson Eley, Isabelle Goulet, Jiyeon Paek, and QT Warren won 3rd place in the state of Alabama. This placement positions them at the top of the small school division.

“I am so proud of each and every one of these students,” said Mrs. Vicky Eichelberg, Saint James High School Mathematics Department Chair. “Their commitment and work ethic has driven them to reach such milestones as these,” she continued. “Extraordinary accomplishments are ahead for these talented students!”

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