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Saint James Sophomores Selected for UA Capstone Academy

Saint James Sophomores Nathan Ashner and Sydney Brashears attended the University of Alabama Capstone Leadership Academy in Tuscaloosa March 3rd and 4th.

Capstone Leadership Academy

Sophomores Nathan Ashner and Sydney Brashears were nominated by the Saint James high school faculty and selected by the University of Alabama Capstone Council to attend a two-day leadership conference in Tuscaloosa, March 3rd and 4th.

Ashner and Brashears participated in leadership building roundtables and worked on collaborative projects and multiple presentations with other Academy students. They were also provided campus tours and introductions to administrators and student leaders from the University of Alabama Honors College.

Gleaned from the two-day workshop, Ashner and Brashears both remarked on the attributes an effective leader must personify – Values, Vision, and Voice.

“What an honor it was to be selected by the Capstone Council to attend the Leadership Academy,” said Sydney Brashears. “Throughout the conference, the questions they asked really prompted me to figure out what my values really are, what kind of voice I have—and how I show it; and also what kind of vision I have for myself for the future. I absolutely loved my experience at Capstone.”

“Attending the Capstone Leadership Academy was a wonderful experience,” said Nathan Ashner. “Not only were we taught to identify and embody the attributes of an effective leader, we were taught that an effective leader improves the lives of everyone around them—by guiding others, and assisting others, in achieving their goals--not our goals. I was truly inspired by the concepts we learned at Capstone.”

Each year, the Saint James School faculty nominates two sophomores to submit entries to the Capstone Leadership Academy. The University of Alabama Capstone Council, an alumni group of former SGA Presidents, Crimson Girls and Capstone Men, the Office of the President, and the Honors College, receive applications from hundreds of students across Alabama and select the top 120 students to attend the two-day leadership conference. 

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